Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Release Nokia N8

For many years, the difference of Nokia as the market leader for smartphones is now in force, its latest phones high quality fail to capture minds and wallets to buy mobile public. To restore order, nokia back to the drawing board and came N8 Nokia Phone. This is a smart phone, the new operating system, enabling globally launched the first Smartphone Symbian OS ^ 3. Nokia announced the existence of N8 phone in April 2010 but had held off releasing the user experience to be as large as possible and at the same time people tickle curiosity and enthusiasm even more.
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Nokia N8 gives great emphasis on the ability to project their image. Equipped with 12 megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics and xenon flash, N8 has the physical ability to take amazing pictures. This could be a dream phone a photographer. The N8, not only fell in the hands of amazing images, but also allows you to share what they found in the fastest way possible. The fact that the camera was a regular Nokia Nseries end, but the N8 arrival only made a difference in the competition a bit more difficult to close.

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Nokia N8 is ideal not only for photographers but for aspiring filmmakers as well as HD video capture at 720p and 25fps. It uses a system called Active Hyper-Focal is ideal for moving objects. There are also large sensor allows digital zoom function. However, there are some negative comments for Nokia N8, number of consumers are satisfied with simply N8 catch those who are not so impressed. Many people who have experienced N8 is too shy to express their joy and satisfaction, commenting on other blogs and comment on Nokia N8.

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Nokia N8 offer incredible features right, but also hard to ignore their good showing. This is especially aluminum and covered with several strong colors. The cunning and the cool look and N8 is an attractive phone. If you're planning to buy a new smartphone, Nokia N8 can be considered. This is a solid and great looking device that will undoubtedly love.
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There are a number of plans available for Nokia N8 more mobile phone shop, but we must remember that to store the right dealers. From $ 549, Nokia N8 worthy negotiations.